Teaching Fellow – Brandeis University, 2009–2011

I taught:

  • Introductory Akkadian NEJS 101a (Brandeis U.)

I worked as a teaching assistant for:

  • Intro to the Hebrew Bible (Prof. Marc Z. Brettler) – NEJS 111A (Brandeis U.)
  • Intro to Islam (Abigail Balbale) IMES 104A (Brandeis U.)
  • Law and the Bible (Prof. David Wright) – NEJS 113B (Brandeis U.)
  • Magic/Witchcraft in the Ancient Near East (Prof.  Tzvi Abusch) – NEJS 122A (Brandeis U.)

PhD in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies – Brandeis University, 2015

My Brandeis University dissertation was titled, “Commentary and Authority in Mesopotamia and Qumran,” and was awarded the Nahum and Anne Glatzer Prize for Outstanding PhD Dissertation.  The dissertation committee was composed of I. Tzvi Abusch, Marc Zvi Brettler, Sidnie White Crawford, David P. Wright.

Part of the research for my dissertation involved travel to Germany and to the Israel Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem to physically inspect several Dead Sea Scrolls fragments.  This travel was funded by a Tauber Institute Graduate Research Award.

I sat for comprehensive examinations in Hebrew Bible, Akkadian, Northwest Semitic Languages, and received the award of distinction in Hebrew Bible.

MA in Northwest Semitics/Hebrew Bible – The Catholic University of America, 2007

Catholic University of America - Mullen Library

I sat for MA degree comprehensive examinations in Classical Ethiopic and in Aramaic.  I also completed PhD comprehensives in Akkadian and in Biblical Hebrew.  I passed my reading proficiency exams in French and German.

The program in Northwest Semitics/Hebrew Bible at CUA was part of the Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures.  I spent much of my time working with Aramaic texts in various dialects and in Hebrew Bible.  I was also able to supplement my Akkadian study with a class in Neo-Babylonian legal texts at Johns Hopkins under the direction of the late Raymond Westbrook.

I completed all the requirements but dissertation for the PhD, but I left the department in 2008 after the death of Michael Patrick O’Connor and the departure of Doug Gropp left me with no dissertation advisor within the department.

BA in Classics – Loyola Marymount University, 2004

Loyola Marymount University

I graduated cum laude, was awarded Outstanding Graduate in Classics, and was inducted into the Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit honors society.  I also participated as a founding member of the LMU chapter of the Eta Sigma Phi classics honors society.

The degree in Classics at LMU focuses on Greek and Latin languages and literature.  It also involves classes in archaeology and in my case included Hebrew language instruction.

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