MA in Northwest Semitics/Hebrew Bible – The Catholic University of America, 2007

Catholic University of America - Mullen Library

I sat for MA degree comprehensive examinations in Classical Ethiopic and in Aramaic.  I also completed PhD comprehensives in Akkadian and in Biblical Hebrew.  I passed my reading proficiency exams in French and German.

The program in Northwest Semitics/Hebrew Bible at CUA was part of the Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures.  I spent much of my time working with Aramaic texts in various dialects and in Hebrew Bible.  I was also able to supplement my Akkadian study with a class in Neo-Babylonian legal texts at Johns Hopkins under the direction of the late Raymond Westbrook.

I completed all the requirements but dissertation for the PhD, but I left the department in 2008 after the death of Michael Patrick O’Connor and the departure of Doug Gropp left me with no dissertation advisor within the department.

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