Lecturer in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies – Brandeis University, 2011–2016

I worked as a lecturer for Brandeis University, where I taught the following courses:

  • Akkadian Epistolary Texts – NEJS 202b (Brandeis U.)
  • Akkadian Historical Epic – NEJS 202b (Brandeis U.)
  • Dead Sea Scrolls (readings conducted in Hebrew) – NEJS 117b (Brandeis U.)
  • Déjà lu: Parallel Passages in the Hebrew Bible – NEJS 110b (Brandeis U.)
  • Directed Reading in Tanakh/Hebrew Bible – NEJS 346a (Brandeis U.)
  • Introductory Akkadian – NEJS 101a (Brandeis U.)
  • Qohelet/Ecclesiastes – NEJS 110b (Brandeis U.)
  • Readings in Old Babylonian (second half of course) – NEJS 200b (Brandeis U.)

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